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About Us


primafish fish

PRIMA FISH an aquaculture company, has been providing our clients with the highest quality and 100% biologic fresh fish. specializing in the production of gilthead sea bream, sea bass and meagre.

PRIMA FISH endeavor is to be close to the customers, understand and serve them better. We believe in long term business relationship and try our best to ensure that good quality product with required sizes is shipped at the correct price within the agreed delivery time.

Quality policy:

We believe in ‘Quality Through Control‘, which is the underlying principle behind our processes. We strive to achieve consistency in delivering superior quality products by implementing a system of control at all points of the manufacturing process.

Our Vision:


To maintain our leadership in the market as a company and supplier of the best quality fish.

Our Mission:


To be the most reliable and competitive fish supplier, produce the best quality globally and establish long lasting relationships with our clients.


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Fresh , Healthy And Delicious Fish !

Since our establishment in 2010 PRIMA FISH has been providing our clients with a variety of Fish products such as sea bream, sea bass, meagre. Whatever you plan on buying, we’ve got the supplies you need. Check out our stock and start shopping.

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Our  Products !

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Calm Sea

Royal Seabream

Scientific Name: Sparus auratus

Market Name: Bream

Common Name: Gilt-head bream, sea bream, daurade

primafish seabream

Weight :

2P : 200 g to 250 g

P : 250 g to 300 g   

M : 300 g to 400 g

G : 400 g ++ 

Royal or gilt-head Seabream :

This high-valued species is the favored sea bream, prized in Mediterranean cuisine and highly regarded by European chefs, They are silver in color and have bright golden arcs above their eyes that look like brows, and It gets the “gilt-head” name from the golden stripe between its eyes,


It's rosy-colored raw meat turns white when cooked. Bream’s moist flesh has a rich, sweet flavor. The texture is firm but tender.

Sea Bass : 

Sea bass, often marketed by U.S. chefs under the Italian name branzino, is a prized fish in Europe, where it is largely a recreational catch, Though now classified as Dicentrarchus labrax, branzino has also gone by the scientific name Morone labrax.

The bass’s ability to thrive in seawater, brackish water and even fresh water makes it a good candidate for farming. though They are slow growing and long living fish.


Sea bass meat is pinkish when raw and cooks up opaque white. The finely textured, flaky meat is lean, with a sweet and mild flavor.


Sea Bass

Scientific Name: Dicentrarchus labrax
Market Name: Sea bass
Common Name: European sea bass, branzino, bar, loup de mer

Weight :

M : Between 300 g to 1000 g

G : 1000 g ++


Scientific Name: Argyrosomus regius

Market Name: Meagre

Common Name: Meagre, corvina, croaker ,

Weight :

G : between 1000 g to 6000 g

primafish meagre

Meagre :

Also known as the Argyrosomus regius, is a species of fish of the family Sciaenidae. This large fish has a pearly-silver to brownish coloration and a yellow-coloured mouth. It is native to the eastern Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Mediterranean and Black Seas It is similar in form to a European seabass

Meagre has a firm and fleshy meat texture and mild taste, making it suitable for frying, baking or grilling, and also for steaming, smoking or even marinating raw as ceviche.

Our Achievements In Numbers !

Our achievement since 2010 in numbers

Calm Sea


primafish seabass
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